vestigated the family of these children and found that the mother was a hard

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with those that have preceded it, and will be found useful to students and

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Cask 20. — Operator, Horsley. Dorsal region ; extradural

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financial problems faced by practitioners in the Alabama area.

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referable to a strong desire to have a family. When, however, several

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and said clerk shall; on the first day of January in each year, transmit

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peritonitis, and a score of other diseases. A man, after

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those of more severe character. Our aim should not be

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bates." And, moreover, that the continuous publication to

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tiferes grasses. Ann. de I'lnst. Pasteur, Par., 1887, i, 347-

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given patient, and to enable him to do the same, it is often very

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" Before resorting to operation it is advisable to render the urine and

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times classed under this head. These do not alkalize the

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The hot dry skin was an important indication of treatment.

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process of salivation, the physician may, perhaps, be able to say — now

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Dr. Sangster — I am under the impression in this matter that we are bound to proceed

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absolute excess of lime-salts derived by absorption from the diseased bone.

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there is excess of heat. Later, flannel wrung out of hot water to

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itis or pleurisy. — John G. Clarke, in Univ. of Penn. Med.

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benefit, and the results recorded in the archives of the profes-

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geniculate ganglion, in which Wrisberg's nerve loses itself. From the ganglion there

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clinically the disease was diagnosticated as cholera

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occurring, so that it may change from being a flexor to being an extensor.

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other cases (of a different class, however), I deter-

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rule, mustard plasters or poultices should not be applied to children

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order to which I have alluded ; affections, however, varying both in kind

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called a Hip case ; and on the use of the Bath Waters, as a remedy

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