one member sulfers tlie whole body suffers with it.''' Of what im-
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necessary restrictions in regard to rest and diet. Ab-
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containing tannic acid are sometimes introduced into the
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By Josbpb W11.1.1 \.m Si KKi.11:. M. I>.. of Neil Jersey.
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unguent, and liberally powdered. The patient should never be
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and by each of these authors the hypothesis was regarded as original.
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division of the fifth cranial nerve may be affected, resulting in difficulty
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left lobes lie uncovered. The position of this edge varies, however, during
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Another suggested explanation is, that an enzyme is
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drink readily. The first impression on seeing it as it lay upon the
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But in another and much larger class of cases an unmis-
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1 omi)loyed the muriate of cocaine, two per cent, solu-
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marked that there were more counsellors in Plymouth district than in
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\N ater at an ordinary temperatnre would dissolve about one per
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might just as well not be eaten. Again they will state quite seriously
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but can not give us the proper temperature of an animal .
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By far the highest values attained are at birth {E'o = 1.781 =
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keep in mind the pathology and many of the etiological factors; the
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disappearance of these deposits is not a mere consequence of
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mixture. By it we believe that many pathological conditions
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in many instances the patient might suffer from serious depression because
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northward and southward, a smaller valley running cross-wise
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Dr. E. C. Spitzka, of New York, saw nothing in the nature
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Arrangements to allow 10 minutes for the presentation of i
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suffering members. These symptoms having lasted for a variable
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valve, or near it, and advances upward. In some in-
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tions, I have, during the past few months, become familiar with
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shadow in relation to the movement of the mirror that the method of
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private insurance industry does not play a major role in the
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peritoneal sac, and exposed the cyst, which was like an enormous
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was an inevitable inference from the results of experimentation with
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Trudl Tomsk. Obsh. Yestestvoiisp., 1890-91, iii, pt. 2, 86-
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peratures succeed. This seems a critical period, for in