disease, and recording in the language of truth and simplici-
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inferior cornua had become paralyzed. Death occurred in
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becomes undermined, and the amount of purulent matter which
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could not see, and would not pay him. Another cause of
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Symptoms. — ^These may be described under two headings- first, the
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to .all undergraduates of Cambridge and Oxford, and to persons
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Myalgia is of frequent occurrence as an acute and a chronic affection.
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and cease to eliminate the toxic principles, while the presence of the
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aim is to train teachers; if the work done there does not differ from that
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Animal poisons, and the poison of raMes that act peculiarly
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served her head to be swollen. Her husband and father, who had also
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prescribe for him : assuring him that you understand his malady,
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approach one another so closely as to project into the organ as vibrating
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and graded school diplomas have resulted in increasing numbeis of
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tract from the importance of the chemist-in-chief, who
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during the prevalence of scarlet fever, will influence the statistical result.
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times upon the left ; the greater length of the left cord,
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Ber. ii. d. Versamml. d. ophth. Ge.sellsch., Stuttg., 1895,
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fering humanity threatened, by ijrnorance and vandalism, of being
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convince lis that these facts are not of themselves sufficient as
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4 species. One of the twins, the autosite, is commonly a normal
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structure I readily determined that it consisted of some fir wood. When
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which appear to exist in untreated infections are that protection
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pulse or leucocytosis, and there was no mental benefit. Cases
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Emanuel, J. G. : On a Case of Heart Block, Lancet, London, 1910, 1, 856.
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A large, wide tumor, adherent to the liver and yet extending below it,
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gaged inquiring into this subject. — Medical Times and Gazette.
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attending it, is serious in view of the liability to endocarditis which may lay
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nervous function {e.g., facial paralysis) supervenes. In the latter
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The most frequent and characteristic sequel is the "cholera typhoid,'"
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and the peritoneum; retention by two rows of buried sutures.
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Edwards, B. 0., Asheville (Hon.); N. C. Med. Coll., 1905 1905 1909
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chief and the cause of mischief may be aided by the facts which have
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there she was seized with marked colic, nausea, and vomiting,
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ful acts and check many evil ones before they became
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nervous temperament. Certain local sequelae may cause post-typhoid fever,
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request that they will all give them their gracious