tendency to heal, besides the usual constitutional measures local treatment
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tongue become blue-red, the eyes weep, a watery mucus is discharged
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Strong beef tea, made from finely chopped lean meat and cold water, grad-
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who had suffered from the disease since early childhood, and who has recently
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Nevertheless, after two months in two cases, three months in three cases,
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Diplomate, American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology
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and of hospital superintendents and trustees to the need. By many
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who shall produce satisfactory evidence of having passed in any of the
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modem sanitary improvements aided by the active warfare now
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be forgotten that the milk of one tuberculous cow can infect
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per cent. It was very important to increase the pro-
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arisen from the fact, that the means that have been
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formerly considered inoperable and treated by mechanical means are
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present a dull white, glazed, and corrugated aj)pearance, and
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easy, for the inost part, to distinguish the presence
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thalmic goitre. Reported cases of goitre treated by thy-
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outer wall of the nose, either over the mWdle turbinate
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among the mountains of Sikkim. It is taken occasion-
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through the thickened lung parenchyma than through the air-containing tissue. But
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culatory balance is restored. It is extraordinary bow
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piece of economy, and is always the source of discomfort,
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in the treatment of diabetes, but before accepting such as worthy of trial,
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treatment [an exclusive diet of skim-milk] was persevered in
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vast lumber-room of remedies — the Invalides for Drugs ! Some of the
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tissue is satisfactorily proven." The conclusion of Lallemand and*
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part of the patient, tend to quiet down the cardiac cir-
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back of the inferior turbinal by scissors. The mass measures 4 cm.
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the test, it was found to contain a large quantity, and there were no unpleasant
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The pernicious forms of malaria may be classified in two ways; i.e.,
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one is obliged to give up the use of the drug. It may be given along with