i. e., washing out the diluting pipet several times with the blood dilution, the correc-

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of pneumonia. Von Jiirgensen never saw this complication — -

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little vaseline, and no force should be employed. A little sweetened

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that the whole condition is of a tuberculous nature. Such cases are

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(quartan parasite), and Plasmodium immacidahim^ (i:estivo-autumnal

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woman. In this case the pigment zone was well marked and

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phthisical ; the other suffered from tertiary osseous

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As hinted, the basis structure of the walls of the sac generally has its

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to twenty grains. But the results are much less satis-

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gradually recovered from its temporary inconvenience. The experiment was

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ness with the methods and instruments in vogue, that

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quirements of each individual case, and the restora-

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disappointed in love. Men are said to come out of the

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(1) The glomeruli, when they are specially affected, may

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power of granting any diplomas at all. That is a power which

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Much more might well be said as to details of treatment in different

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most necessary to prevent migration of the white corpuscles. Aside

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is subject. But betddes these conditions, which are obvious to casual

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axe emptied, so that, after death, we seldom find any blood in the latter.

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strengthened because the veins are compressed or closed by the arteries during

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Only last week I was obliged to operate upon a case of

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throughout the present discussion. In the practical apphcation of

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tions, only the following seem to deserve mention here :

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Medical Journal. . cles are of equal size, the colloid being

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times a little puzzled at the extradorinary amount of at-

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of percussion on the flanks is time wasting and inconclusive. The

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such a duty should be carried out. In a recent article, 1 Alan

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ture records with a view to determining these points ha^•e never been

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ble victory cannot be gained without first having a.

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twenty-sixth president, born in 1841, is aged forty-three

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ancient mouth of the Tiber. It has placed the city in the centre of an insalu-