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we are taught by systematic writers that general blood-let-

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by my venerable and much respected friend, Dr Wright of

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Now, what symptoms does a patient with early pulmonary

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quite alarming. Would it be a true homoeopathic cure to substitute

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ous phenomena developing, and for the rapid recovery under

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lungs evidently had deposits in them. Amputation was unhesi-

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the reaction positive in cases of scarlet fever, as well as in cases

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harder to recover the fee than I had to earn and deserve

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Gallicus" (1680-1685), which was published in Latin in

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on this subject, which he had brought before the Con-

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became paralysed and apparently dead, and just as molluscs shrank into their

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sence of morbid products in the parts affected. Thus, in cirrhosis of the

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nervous child. It is not very sicJc, Its digestion is bad. You

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cinators, for the purpose of adding to the inadequate

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I subjoin the residence of graduates for a few years.

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and on the fifth day the remainder. The wound may ahnost lie said

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cially as criteria of genuine syphilis in the pres-

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especially to this application, that the study of causes, or etiology, is of

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has been appointed Geologist to the United States. — There were sixty

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meninges, and the blood-vessels of both brain and cord are

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paper read before 15. Internat. Cong. Med., Lisbon, Apr. 21] <Lancet, ]x>nd.

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Again there were certain glaring forms of waste that at

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parts, are present in other parts of the body, e.g. on the right

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The horse serum in question was a normal horse serum, the durabQity

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tle outward at the middle of their course, so that after the paring was

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pediculosis pubis we have a disease that patients have

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to wound. After this, the wounds having conglutinated, he sep-

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very dissimilar, owing to the great difference between

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view are more prompt and more powerful if the patient be sub-

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curic chloride solution, and the wound was dressed with-

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therefore, to withstand the solicitations of the patient and of his

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Lee, Ralph Izard, Francis Dana, William Carmichael,

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doubt breathed upon it to-morrow may raze it to the ground,