the needle in closing the wound. The stitches, four in
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silver quarter, completely covering the rigid tonsil.
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same substance, since Rivalta, for example, expressly states that ft
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is this difference in regard to syphilitic coryza : the onset
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was lowered, the right raised, and both eyes let in by
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constructed in all urban populations, or at least in their immedi-
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care the skilful artists bound the brave, divine Ulysses*
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rate apposition and retaining them there until consolidation has
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ment, but attended possibly with discoloration of the skin, deformity
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granules, as in Figs. 2 and 3 {Phil. Trans., vol. cxlii,
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distinct races of the tubercle bacillus existed. In
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which were operated on in July, 1891, and March, 1892.
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migrated far from the blood vessels and became now partially spread
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M. Faujas has just returned from a journey in the Venetian States.
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to success in treating headaches. If the headache can be traced
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kept and exposed to all the inclemencies of the season,
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As to the treatment, I think that the presence of so large a piece of
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as before. The extensor tendon was drawn up sufficiently
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natural tendency of fat to undergo this action when exposed to the.
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hoping their next operation would be their last; only too often it is.
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throat, and the difficulty of deglutition accompany-
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barrassed, the surface cold, the weakness extreme, death occurring in
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Rumford's Photometer. — This consists of a ground-
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Stomach washing is considered by some to be the most important
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of this symptom almost at the first glance at a patient, inequality or
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Misee. 15 drops to be taken 3 times a day in a little water.
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long-continued administration of tonics, such as the bi-
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led as miliary. Aneurismal tumors are generally connected with
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no sort of cognizance of the subject of superfcetation, as such : it is generally
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Yery large and superficial hydatids may, when the diagnosis is
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terian School in Great Windmill Street. On March 20th,
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The early administration of Antitoxin is imperative.
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rare. They show at first sight a great resemblance to small
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preventing small-pox— Incomplete protection after puberty afforded by
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foot. Intelligence good. Memory fair. Sleep good. Speech
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lachrymal duct by means of a solution of Chloral Hydrate or Hydrastis;