allied to, and even more virulently contagious than, smallpox) all the
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„' a pink or purple tint when tincture of galls is added to it; 4, by
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the Bellevue Hospital, who has assisted me indefatigably in the analyses
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robust patients recently infected than in those suffering from relapses,
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orrhages ; it must be used as hot as it can be borne for that. It
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body is thus invaded, and the patient has a bloated appearance.
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stood why it was suggested and have objected that it is open to error.
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Firth, where the great national poet, by the advice of
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When the ])arts on laryngoscopic examination show much tumefaction
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The following physicians were granted licenses by written examination
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bers of straight or slightly curved, long, stout bacilli, about some
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there is jaundice caused by compression of the bile ducts. The
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philia and myelocytosis. This blood reaction is less
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later, and on the same day removed the two tonsils from
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M. Meyer believes that while the optic nerve and its decussation
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When pain exists at any one of the points named, or the
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need, I think, only refer to one, viz., the absence after labor, as a
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attack of asthma that came on after Christmas, 1871, he never
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bloody purulent material. The soft tissues of the incision had
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salts, as we do not know in any particular sample of
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an illustrative case. Dr. A. E. Woldert read by invi-
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matters connected with the delusion he is incapable of estimating facts
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disease of the uterus being followed by such loss of power in the lower
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fleas, by a few fleas, or even by a single flea ; a fact which indicates that
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a hot foot bath and a strong cup of hot Ginger tea, also a big
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leges. The necessity of these is generally acknowledged by
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the house a day, since the week succeeding the operation ;
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"8. On the. EmJtryology of Echinoderms and liadiates generally. — By Assistant
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after it has once developed ; in his condition of slavery