the use of leeches to deplete the congestion. Politzeriza-
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Potassium-sparing diuretics are used with other di-
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of these neural reciprocities is highly important, both in a diagnostic
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six showed a drop in pressure as well as a drop in the pulse-rate, and
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and the nature of the duties imposed on the visitors.
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a set of false teeth. Dr. A reasoning that " tooth and
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which latter many think the typical form. From the small size
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vast lumber-room of remedies — the Invalides for Drugs ! Some of the
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of the Nile, the city of Alexandria. In October of the same
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been registered within the week in which they occurred, the
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try exposed to the rays of a fierce summer sun, and they work hard,
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mentor has persisted in its return after a regular interval. Neurotic
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ently finding themselves unable to penetrate the joint.
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hyperidrosis is usually most marked in certain localities, as the fore-
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this he attributed to the fact that he was taking no notice
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fine not exceeding ^1000 — one half to the United States, the other half
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therefore, medicines or poisons may be said to act with a power
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cently published table shows that in the year 2301 every
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taken escapes in the urine. Dr. Thau asks : — 1. How large a
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mental powers manifests itself in a variety of singular ways.
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Ox LEY. -On Jaim.ary 16, at 49, Rodney-street, Liverpool, the wife of
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is presumably due to that dilatation and is indistinguishable from the diastolic
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on the inside. It should be remembered that heat penetrates a large
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jaby — that is, not until about a month before admission to
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whole subject much easier to grasp. "—From the Medical News, Philadelphia.
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with nausea, and in one minute I was rigid ; lower jaw, arms from
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stand the nature of many a given disease, must be famliar, not