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correspondent well known to the profession writes to us in cor-

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four lobes or groups of gyri, viz., the frontal, parietal, temporal,

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at one moment, we believed our patient gone. Again we re-

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and to the Presbyterian Orphanage; Physician to the

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might feed on other animals having a different kind of

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shreds from the nose or by rhinoscopic examination. The

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the latter. The operation in this case is generally facilitated by

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none. The mental and bodily health were much improved, and bed-

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When the symptoms denote the presence of the products of inflammation,

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cases, really governing the situation in fact; hence it is not to be

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Birkett). But even if the most careful manipulation of the instruments

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which kindly nature gives of the coming on of the great enemy, disease. Many a

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writers teach that the spinal cord is most disordered in this

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Thus it is evident that the greatest number of cases

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From the writer's studies, true fatty infiltration may occur as a sequel

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sable condition of an excretion, and this substance is the cholesterine.

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A Glasgow Red Cross Gift. — The total sum raised by the

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found in one or another of the treatises upon the sub-

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have the desired effect; thus occasioning doubts of the efficacy of the

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Philadelphia, Lindsay & Blakiston, 1867, p. 118.

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implanted and the difference between variola or small-

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of the liver, abscess and gangrene of the lung, and empyema. Trauma of

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maines mixtes. Revr d. cours sclent, [etc.]. Par., 1860-7,

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other 40. Menorrhagia occurred in both. Primary cancer of the body of

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ination shows the i)resence of a kidney-shaped ulceration

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by the assumption that in the greater proportion of

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then dried and exposed to the action of heat, the heat volatil-