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It has been showB that an average of over 40,000 c^bic f eet of air per

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* On Diseases of the Brain and Spinal Cord, p. 148, 4th edit.,

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the red globules of blood, and they are the elements of that fluid which suffer

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nervous function {e.g., facial paralysis) supervenes. In the latter

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the Adelaide Hospital on the 24th August, 1872, to be treated for

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others are inter-hemispherical or commissural, such as the corpus callosum

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and allow the dread of blood to be the predominant feature

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the extension is made from the loops of plaster, the

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announcing the explosion at Trinity Site in Alamagordo,

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ment of the congratulatory letters and telegrams received

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lyzed, and both expiratory and inspiratory movements will be

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gives evidence of acidosis and there are now several reports of

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Soc (1888), 1889, 153. — Staiil (F. A.) Maternal uupres-

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that had been run over by an automobile. This child

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disease by "immunized serum," it appears from Viquer-

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days; a picture of suffering which we never see, and happily

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lesion begins on £he right side, when it has become

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week, and then may be given only when the temperature is

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their nutritive and stimulating power he made use of

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that although the weight of the fish was not imj)ortant in determining the time

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digesting them in diluted hydrochloric acid, and applying to the solution the

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be regarded as conservators of life. But this is not all ;

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produced. The latter is indicated by tinnitus aurium, and this effect is,

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upon the whole, he is disposed to attribute more of the good ef-

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11,179 PoUcies, assuring, with Bonuses, the sum of £1,790,292,

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AjtatomicaIi Afpeasances. — ^As the haemorrhages frx)m the upper

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cough. By William Svveemer, M. D., of Milwaukee, Wis.

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Carleton Hotel, Laguna Niguel. Thurs-Sat. 18 hrs. $395. Contact:

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plied to the scalp, and a cap worn during school hours.

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one woman may have had a uterine colic I should not ab-