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Maclaud says it is confined to the riverain districts
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of neighboring structures, such as the vertebrae in Pott's
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mature, presents a bunch of beautiful scarlet berries,
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leading article in the Times, published on the 15th August, it is
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soning, which would present new dif&culties to the medical jurists,
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country of unrestricted growth and development. In the towns especially, the
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its movements, then they cause pain and irritation.
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At first it is a little turbid, contsinB traoes of t^bumen, oasts <^ the
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pain, and the vomiting continued unchanged, and when
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dium. Dr. Stengel spoke of the unreliability of the older
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could sustain entire submersion of the body for two consecutive minutes. The
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a faint pink. To this mixture is then added 10 cc. of normal sodium hydroxid, and
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affected side, and asked them to note the bearing of this
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cause of symptoms dangerous to life. Where* there are signs of speedy elimi-
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inflammatory tissue may very extensively replace the muscles and bones
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It seems rather odd that there was a considerable quantity already prepared for
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accumulation of parasites, and impaction of faeces are also direct causes.
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with a penknife on the end of the fore-finger. It was small,
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of a solution of nitrate of silver, .6 to 6 per cent, in strength,
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ment of the faculty of speech and of the finer hand move-
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is papular and vesicular, but never pustular, and is accompanied by in-
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to charges of felony for the carnal knowledge of children under 10 years o<
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malaria, the exact origin and composition of which is still unknown, the
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milk of lime, and is to be emptied daily by means of an
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has ceased in two weeks probably, and in three weeks
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symptoms are often of several days’ or even weeks’
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to this, she supposed herself to be perfectly normal.
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elastic tube filled with fluid is dependent, not only upon the pressure within, but also
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Po sibK " COnse [ ved and not abused while he is a prisoner.
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“ fast in the throat, immediately, by an incantation,
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neuritis results. We are not certain as to the exact patho-
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Blackmore, Esq. ; Henry G. Bohn, Esq. ; Dr. A. Campbell ;
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not initiated or sustained by new impulses arising from any definite
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transl. ; Centralbl. f. Chir., Liipz., 1899, xxvi, 529-.535.—
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few years we find him Resident Surgeon in the Richmond
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as was said, and hence the bringing about the cure of
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matter, was the principal cause, we have no hesitation in be-
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these anatomical details, yet if they were understood
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special weakness of the heart, though of course, in cases of cardiac debility
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covered with a cold sweat, while the sweUing and discoloration
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gases in its cavity; the relaxation of the fibres of its muscular tu-