He found that iodoform aided the healing process, both in the

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an adulterer, 2) a murderer, 3) a manufacturer of poisons, 4) a traitor, 5) a defrauder,6) a

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tient resumed his occupation after giving up work for nine and a half months,

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author had had several years' experience in treating these cases,

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be added that, according to Robin, the glycogenic function of the liver is

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from one generation to another, more frequently afa

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Treatment of Pneumonia. — Dr. Russel M. Cunningham (Virginia

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visual acuity; next in, importance is the visual field; and next the

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Council, by filling the void which in this respect has hitherto

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opening the c^nal. There was no difficulty experienced in maintaining the

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have the usual contagious diseases of childhood, " such as chicken-pox,

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Von Baer explained transposition by the turning of the embryo in the

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during the prevalence of scarlet fever, will influence the statistical result.

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hydrogen peroxide is supposed to oxidize benzoyl acetyl oxide to benzoyl

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only treatment in any way was a repetition of the vaginal

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posed to explain a supposed pathological connection between the paralytic

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distribution of the lesions precluded the possibility

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on the circulation in the brain, especially when the

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tuted fur a lost finger. Four months before operation,

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" The number of cases of scarlet fever," says he, " which were under

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morbid or non-traumatic origin. These latter forms are referred to as distention

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cases appears to show (taking into consideration the errors and

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frequently as he dots; 4th, Oertel, for one, has an-

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cal Board of the hospital was requested to draw up a

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made a discovery — he took advantage of the property of sul-

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Dr. Jonathan Mann died on Juno ir)th at Boston. He gradu-

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existence, thanks to the protective coats of fat and wax, in any

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which naval district forces are to operate and at such other places as

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" opprobrium ophthalmicum " ; for though, like the poor,

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health. The cord was firm in texture. Under the microscope, the ganglionic cells appeared

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This suggested oral contact as a possible route of transmission

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smallpox, &c. are exotic, and it appears probable cannot exist amongst

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it inconvenient for him to take dinner and before he could reach the intended

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the Constitution and paying five dollars ($5.00) to the Treasurer of

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of bandage there was no further trouble, and healing