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heat of various intensities; head-ache, and sense of tightness

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Dr. Adolph O, Pfingst : I have brought a specimen that I think

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ticularly lavage, and if necessary gastroenterostomy. If tetany

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for it feels that he has received full value, and is accordingly

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(Fagge's, you'll remember,) given of acute pneumonia. They are bron-

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andattendedthelecturesofFordyce, Astley Cooper, and others.

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Internal Medicine, a member of the editorial board of the

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'"n)-eight hours afterward. If no improvement is shown, still further injec-

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same person. John Ware inaugurated the numerical method in the use

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try to remove the contents of the uterus without any attempt

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ever being felt. Now if this mixture is to | ^j^^^ p^j^^^g^ followed speedily in the

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pains in cultivating tliis kind of shell- (43). Panicum : panicum miliaceum.

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YIII. On the Employment of Injections, especially those of Iodine^

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tioner, dropsy is in all cases, something more than an effect or symptom of disease, as the

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dividual labours. My astonishment at Dr. P ayfair s

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Wallenbrrg (A.) Eiii|iyeiii des linken Sinus frontalis,

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but in some mosquitos the remains of them are no longer to be

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spasmodic form are seen tonic contraction of the flexor

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column may be little marked. Other cases, on the contrary, show extreme

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cause the electric currents to penetrate the skin without irritating it, and dif-

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alkaline bitter stomachic, composed of sodium bicar-

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to treat patients at his own house (larpeiop), or to visit them at

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The five last names in this list are all to be found in the Act of In-

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but it is interesting to note that what has been suggested in con-

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mercury solution in a manner exactly similar to previous

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may in years produce a growth of bone which is equal to

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follows that since an active ingredient can be selected in its pure

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parenchyma degenerating into a putrid, greenish-black, pulpy mass, with no

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deglutition for seven months, had been able to swallow only fluids for three

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tem of supply, conveying to the capillaries and areolar texture,

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and we used a relatively high concentration. No difference was