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gastrocnemius, soleus, and tibialis anticus and posticus muscles being almost

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vessels will not bleed, and that limbs enfeebled by lack of

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patient or exposed to infection should be thoroughly disinfected, and

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inflamed, of a dark purple colour, and on the surface of the

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here, and as high up as the groin, the tissues are enfeebled and oedematous.

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of procuring 'pure muriatic acid is as follows : — Put into a ma-

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exceedingly apt to be afterwards attacked by others. Then, again, there

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Dunn county. Much encouragement has been given to the woodwork

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we believe they are not so numerous as this statement would lead us

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wounds be flabby or languid, the addition of balsam of Peru to

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Of special interest are those cases to which Graves and Biermer

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" markedly improved." The results in the other sanitarium

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was in New York; it is said that he was operated on and one kin-

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Detritus. Fatty and albuminous detritus in variable amount may

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of air so that there is no possibility of draughts striking

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Pathology, Asthma is generally attributed to spasm of the

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ly sinks under the combined influence of disease and medi-

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fabrications. This tendency to confabulate and indulge in pseudo-

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They occur sometimes beneath the conjunctiva and within the globe of the

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Optimum temperature 45°-50° C, destroyed at 70° C. In dry

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nervous, active temperament, he considered it a great

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patly and to have missed it so completely is strange

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broken into fragments. Partly by these forceps, aided by washing out the

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attention to those which would tend to prove that there are bacteria and

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lesser trochanter, at which level the muscles are cut and

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perature continued, ranging from 101° F. to 10.3° F. ; there

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affected only at a late period of the disease, as occurred in the case

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modified and extended the use of staining agents by ai^plying them

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These spots were present in neaily all the cases at the State College.

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completion of this monograph, and it is interesting to note that

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thereon, must terminate at 9 o'clock, p.m., but that, if necessary,

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XJlm. A young man, aged 20, suffering from toothache in the