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Cobbet, a nApril, 181^, I was called to visit Philip

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resection in the following manner: — I commenced by making an

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until the 17th, when she flowed very freely; and on

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America. N. O. Med. and Surg. Journ., 1878, v. 673-693.

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abdominal wall and subsequently to reach the disease without opening

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half of the whole number, showing that the disease does not prevail in any

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Yale-New Haven Hospital emergency department during

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toiiiloy (.J. T.) Exostosis of liones of face and skull;

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sottU dose of an antipyretic drug was administered.

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perfectly normal fashion (pure enuresis), but entirely involuntarily.

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The patient is in a condition of complete unconsciousness. His face is

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• Conductive Shoes for surgical and operating room

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hepatitis. Thirdly, It tends to remove that difficulty which prac-

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the aortic area, a weak or absent first tone in the same place,

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exercise. Fig. 1 shows a comparison of his electrocardiographic

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as molecular death of tissue advances, there is increased hemor-

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not only arrest the process of assimilation, but convert a hungry

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extent impaired or perverted in insanity. Often the memory suffers.

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wall of the nose. This he refused, and I lost sight ol

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ire; but the resulting improvement of health service would represent a major improvement in the quality of

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naturali in small numbers. It is, of course, possible, as every

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the average normal rate of 1,740 c.c. in twenty-four hours. In this

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are, no doubt, cases in which the sulphur in powder is

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In the fasciculus for June, 1886, of the JRivista Clinica

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affection, the atrophy affects portions of the muscles, more or less of the

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Laennec was the first to describe vesicular emphysema

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eyes and was often noted in animals where no other gross abnormality

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Griffin as to the prophylactic treatment. Wherever I see cases

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tlie patient's suffering, restlessness, and want of sleep. Nevertheless, no

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teetotalists, than to secure a sober and wise discussion of

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it may be justly presumed that there is paralysis of the

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The use of oil of juniper^ and chromic acid is advo-

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Transact. Amer. Med. Association, vol. vii., p. 539,)

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endiac portion or the small curvature, and most rarely the fundus

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Horn, given hy John D. Allen, Worthingto7i, Indiana.

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is the weight taken in air of ^T/olAAi cubic inches of dis-

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opportunity of observing the disease in children of very