' Dr. Greenwood reminds me that there are recognized statistical principles. This is

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alternating with brief pauses. When progressing, the longer

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absence of haemoglobin is nearly in proportion to the amount of

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tain cases was indicated, a folded rubber dam drain was

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of the chamber was blackened with soot. A voltmeter was placed

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during the operative manipulations, or, being detected,

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functional neuroses, neurasthenia, hysteria, and epilepsy ;

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embolism, except that of cardiac disease and vascular

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of the children. Hence it is the rule to immediately

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spray, or the powder, to the part from which the secretions

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same unhappy vice. Misery leads at last to crime, and crime

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in aneurysms of the abdominal aorta, it will indeed

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purpose of ascertaining this, with the confessed object of decid-

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a much stronger current. To galvanism — a fairly strong cur-

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The presence of large numbers of false aneurysms in the sec-

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and the poor poorer? Are not men of this day dividing into two

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(1) The glomeruli, when they are specially affected, may

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Male, 10 ; fell on head ; remained conscloas ; Intense ' pain,

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and repeating this exercise five times. This simple test was very

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time practicable nor essential. For practical purposes there is

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the methods of Dr. R. U. West, to bring the occiput down and

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sleep. It should be used with caution in the case of

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uniformly successful, and complete relief may generally be expected within

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tion proved to be, on the average, from 5" to 10° cooler than

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In the majority of cases, especially in those with subcontinued

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further treatment at a previous meeting, he would not detain

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operating present themselves — one in Avhich the intestine is not only

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as are able to pay, according to their circumstances and

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bolic acid. Numerous vegetable astringents, owing their therapeuti-

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pass into the lungs, and so suflTocate the patient. At this period the

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of 1908) she had dozed in her garden ; on waking, she " noticed a bed of

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the TyZ cases of exophoria, 15 were myopic, 2 hyper-