type, calling for varying degrees of acuity, being used in
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field of ophthalmic surgery. The titles of some of his
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no portal flow and there is a flow through the arteries, their chan-
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poison at a particular moment when they were conscious of a peculiar sicken-
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elected were : Drs. Seneca D. Powell, Edward D. Fisher,
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cotics, or exhausted by his attempts to defend himself. Thirdly, in all cases
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And I can not but believe that several of our so-called contagious
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geon, possibly because every one thinks that it ought to be able to do
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closely aggregated together. Sometimes these cells have two nuclei.
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without these, an earthy or sallow pallor, often very striking and not
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count. This experiment is graphically illustrated in Text-fig. 3.
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may be made-out by feeling the displaced tendon and the
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VON Winiwarter. Arch, de Biol., Liege and Par., 1910-11, xxv, pp. 683-756.
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.region ; Intradural ; female, 52. Severe pains over lower ribs ;
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the gastro-intestinal tract were negative. Spinal fluid
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render you acceptable in the parlor are not always those
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(1) Working Temperature.— While the experiments show that 55' C. is
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considering, but in the latter a slight trauma may appear, so that it seems
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2. Familial Nerx-ous Disease, C.iscs of. Shown by Dr Ekwin
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stimulates, in its turn, the phrenic nerve which supplies
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diagnostic search before their true nature is learned,
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tion to the pubhc through the accepted local media of
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edges of the zone there may be hyperalgesia, especially when the stimulus
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tectural arrangrements supposed to be indispensable to the proper care and
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Autopsy. — Pia mater thickened, but not adherent to the brain, except at one or
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ovipositor, which can be retracted into the abdomen.
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There is not, among all the remedies of the new Materia Medica,
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done for the unfortunate class, of whom the commis-
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inch beyond the end of the catheter ; and in order to prevent
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ation be? Should the meso-rectum be incised close to
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In a great number of the Mammalia this part of the stomach forms, as has
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See, also, infra Heizfeld. — Oiiiiiard. Xoiivelle piuoe
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due to the organisms associated with these diseases. In chorea,