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present acquisitions nor attempt to add to the legacy bequeathed to us
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some extent in the lymphatic spaces. They were sometimes found
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in the small bowel, in a boy aged 3J years. The clinical history and
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that elephantiasis or leprosy may be sometimes met with
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plied, and the hand holding it can be kept out of the
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Colon Flushing in " Cholera Infantum." — The colon flushing
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This inability to read, due to slowness in acquiring the visual
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the body, sometimes produced by most "dissimilar substances.
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especially such as furnish milk for public consumption, quaran-
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growing more cross-eyed for nearly a year, but as it
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more of the representative action at work in the constitution
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treat unimportant cases badly. The clinical teacher
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large quantities in cases of diabetic coma. Treatment
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and the inclining of the patient forward are two points in the
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ciable morbid effects. The fact that most forms of dropsy
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by patients in your waiting room. We must be sure our
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either in the pharynx, palate, or tongue, excepting
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Db. W. E. Dubr, of Milwaukee: The question of the removal of tumors
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looseness of the bowels, especially soon after rising. Soreness
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the increase in thickness may be accompanied with diminu-
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and -at once, for good or for evil. If the ^ of the diagnosis of these diseases. It is in
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elements — the glia-cells or brush-cells, and the glia nuclei ;
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Dr. Pallen, of New York, presented a number of pessaries
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fuchsin and then simultaneously decolorizing and coun-
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nosed by merely clinical observation, without examination of the
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has been previously accurately diagnosed r And how can we
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it, with votes, which were accepted by the Board, as follows : —
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ond developed a complete uterine prolapse which two
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numerous above the bulbs of the heels. The eruptive stage
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The blood, examined during the periods in which the boy was
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translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. We encourage the
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nection by the deplorable fact that the volume which
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amount of fever, a peculiar tint of the skin, bleedings from the
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been observed from the right side, and some little pain was present during the
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smith, twenty-nine years of age. The disease was of a congestive cha-