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e. Medical Supply Pipeline. The procuring activity (Military
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two candidates for an out-of-doors Surgeoncy to the union
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1885, 7-9. Also, transl. |Abstr.): Pest, med.-chir. Presse,
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but infiltrated the dead tissues. The scrotum was red and (edematous, but not gan-
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dental Membrane and Gum Tissue, Showing Active Inflam-
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X-ray photographs showed that it was the pelvic colon that was
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dent exposure engenders some of the most fatal forms of disease, such as Bronchi-
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an opiate, and sought repose myself. After a few hour's sleep, I was
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The open-back closet, the most popular type of unsanitary
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the protoplasm may be slightly darker than that of the nucleus, or, so
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Carl C. Warden, vice president, and Dr. Deering J. Roberts,
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cal Board of the hospital was requested to draw up a
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the electrocardiograph in bringing to light many new facts in regard to the
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essentially in some points. This depended on the pecu-
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pharynx, with an attempt at the formation of an oeso-
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body. Those qualities of a body which we term essential or
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including not only the fact of punishment, but the exact
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be returned two-thirds of its value are paid for by the servants
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pregnancies are more obnoxious to it, and the statistics I have collected
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to the left side, and apparently extending into both
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fever is diminished : the measles are less elevated than the small-pox " ^
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The chair appointed Drs. N. S. Davis, J Prof. Brainard, of Chicago, thought this
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For the great and unusual development of the several bones
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"2. To secure anything likely to be of value to the United States Naval Medical
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cians who had tried cocaine and among the 26% who had
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in a rabbit by the injection of ^, 10 into a vein of
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therapeutics. Indeed, from the investigations of Teale, Mac-
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processes of manufacture can change the stronger form into the
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— temporarily at any rate^ — resisted illness or got the upper hand of the
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1. Auscultation may be practised directly by applying the ear to
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terminal vessels or arterioles by disease, the larger
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in a brain weakened by syphilis, and that secondary degenera-
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latter cases, the galvano-cautery gives the best results and should be used
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vice-president; Dr. George R. Moore, secretary; Dr. Dunbar