Doctor of Medicine to be conferred on Dr. John Gray, of Mystic
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muscles. That is not so, for it is possible to do it on the cadaver.
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"Amaurosis may arise during the period of dentition ; it may take place
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other, considerable iritis occurred; the poor boy, 8
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in the meantime grown to nearly six feet in height. He
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pears to be charaoteristic of the disease in the traumatic form, in all climates mid ages^
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tions, as these pulmonary apoplexies are commonly called, since Virchow,
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polypi, intestinal parasites, tuberculosis, syphilitic or simple catarrhal
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disappears after the crisis. Its persistence may be the sign of a complica-
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— Dr. E. Frank Lyceston propounds four queries upon
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was published at Salerno a work on surgery — the oldest
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The affection of the joints, previously attacked, was much diminished.
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reports; but the trial alone can teach us what it can do
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renal disease in connection with disease of the pelvic organs.
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disease be slight, and the effect of pregnancy upon it not appreciable,
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preparing reports to the Committee, they may be quite
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always trace the method of gonorrhoeal infection in the male urethra,
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scores the advantage. Some kind of local irritation is usually
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ingly against these terms. Its use in medicine as a sol-
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The lesions also show hemorrhagic tendencies, and they dry into
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part which had been gripped by the lower stricture, there
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hyperaemia or congestion is not adequate evidence that inflammation has
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conglomerated tuberculous granula. Tubercles may be present in other parts
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and the diminished alkalinity of the blood, thereby pro-
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his acquaintance, whofe imaginary Ihaped heads do not corre-
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scarlet fever, but in these the only alarming symptom is a thready
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inguinal canal; the other attached to the pubes, and the crefcent
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gave rise to great anxiety, but their rapid and successful termina-
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distension by the heart; that at the time of closure of the semilunar valves, the
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No. 4.] Vracb, St. Petetsb., 1898, xix, 838.— Kalyapiii
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at the Center for Continuation Study, is intended for
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does not contribute at least somewhat to the successful re-
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tient ])ass throu<2:li a second career, tlie eruption and other charactenstic
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and Orfila give cases where the lungs of feeble infants, having
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child’s name is. If a favorite toy has been brought
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depends on many factors, of which the durability, continuity,
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