The former is responsible for the lunatic's comfort and proper detentum,
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If the skin is dusky and the eruption is not well marked, the pa-
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ing the temperamental qualities antagonistic to success in aviation.
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of its peritoneal serosa, there is absolute indication
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For convenience of description we propose to deal with the subject
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degrees of disease, that former experience had taught us to be
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abont House Cleaning and putting things to rights so far as they can be done by
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man, and is possessed, moreover, of great intellectual power and
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or on the opposite) cannot be decided without further investigation.
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than the circumscribed or nodular form; that is, its extension was
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ating pains. Elbow flexion is normal ; extension slow and pain-
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in contracted muscles. The pain in diaphragmatic pleurisy is a
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then weighed about i;3o pounds, while, as mentioned, he had
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sult and cooperate with its physicians in matters of
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Symptoms. — Pulse small and weak, 100 and above; severe cough; muco-
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You will hardly find, gentlemen, a more complete or more sadly in-
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the crowded homes where the conditions of life are the hardest,
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the disease often causes vast destruction of parts, including,
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however pleasing and simple it may appear to be, that any
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from St. Vincent's Hospital, Portland," i)y R. (J. Hex,
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suppurating testicle was decided upon, and I removed and drained.
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it is next highest, being 13.20, while the South Central, which
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drinking purposes, and if the use of such water is continued for a
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are raised papules, and all of which disappear under pressure of a
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most necessary to prevent migration of the white corpuscles. Aside
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tubercular disease of the kidney with aggravating vesical
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Double aortic and douhle mitral murmurs. Right pupil larger tiuin left.
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624-640. — ITIassalongo (R.) Le infezioni tificbe a Ve-
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of his papers, and those on the " Medical History of Liver-
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deep breath, or turns from a supine posture towards the left, and
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tion of the buds, and, perhaps, a softer feel. The density
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in which this symptom was definitely present " (Fried-
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iv, 237-241.— Parks (J. W.) Tlie iii(?dico-legal aspect of
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caught fire after it had been spread over the patient's body.