and the kidneys, during the use of ordinary food and during fasting. The

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On the following morning at six there was suddenly a complete pause in the

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of production of peptone and its varieties ; the difter-

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thoracic surgery. Anesth. & Analg., 27:181, (July- Aug.) 1948.

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methods discussed, but they offer certain suggestions of considerable

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They are found, not infrequently, mixed Avith true develop-

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to me as an operation necessary or justifiable for the dis-

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x-rays which the ears of the sensitized group exhibited, another in-

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buted to electricity. He selected for his experiments

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his experiments upon the division of the spinal marrow in the cervical region, Mr. Oruikshank

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The Affections of the Fauces are often not more than a peculiar

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brought her to me at just the right time for opera-

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normal, with the exception of bruit, which was heard over sterno-

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oils, creosote, tincture of iodine, ichlhyol, etc. In

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ded part, relieved the Faculty still further from objectionable influences.

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cal grounds, to give the best result so far as a bony

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Aiflof stone 4- «iKn-«c bladder -f ^pov urine.] Dis-

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spoken of by the earlier writers, and this was because care was

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regents is attached to the diploma, thus making the latter

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fixed, nuiy often be made out. There is rapid wasting. Constipation is

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tive hydragogue and half a grain of sulphate of morphine by

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Not having facilities for publishing their proceedings in

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ulcer, mercurial stomatitis, scurvy, pulmonary gangrene, peribuccal

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long-term HBV carriers. Long-term sequelae of chronic

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regretted that it could not have been determined by an injec-

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uterine pregnancy. Labor pains set in, but subsided.

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seven pregnancies, the last one 10 years ago. Has had two

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fractured into more than two fragments, one or more of

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the account which the Koran gives of the nature and cause of earth-

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volved at one time, and the more persistent the impressions become,

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taneous tissues was produced and several instances of thrombosis

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body of a Mrs. Place, of Bolton, who died suddenly in the eighth

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up one flight of stairs from the operating room to the

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massage. Rest of the infected part is of paramount importance.

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A lesion of the pons may affect the sensory bundle of the trifacial nerve at