complex of behaviors termed "mental retardation." The Institute consists of

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external carotids is too well established to entitle it to the

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to form aneurisms, and to become localized. — Dr. C. A. Penrosey

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lesions of the central nervous system are seen with comparative rarity,

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Twenty-five drops of Laudanum, and an equal quantity of the Chloroform Mixture, with one

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tioner on his guard. I have often noticed in these cases a symptom which,

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periods of treatment will be outlined before going into a general dis-

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of recurrence or metastasis. In order to bring about this wo must

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4. Nitrate of silver 100 gr., water 1 oz., gum Arabic 2 dr.,

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Synonyms. — Spotted Fever, Prison Fever, Fleckfieber, Typhus Exanthema-

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equalled where recovery followed, and contracted huge bed-

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rectly to the bladder, then we should search carefully for any condition like

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of a soft-rubber tube carried as high up into the bowel as

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drachm doses of digitalis three times a day for eight days. He placed

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already described for quartan malarial fever, except that they may

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be distinguished at a glance from hydrophthalmia, namely, the

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haMuorrhaiti', wliirli is a symptom of h'sion. The thoii^^ht

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views being taken. He wished to emphasize, however,

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dimensions — five inches in length by two inches in

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haps, but temporary efforts have been made to stay the plague by hy-

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tumour in Case XV was ocular proof of intra-uterine shrinkage or recedence.

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be applied to the interior of the uterus with Playfair's probes without a

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Medical and Surgical Mo7iihIy, of Memphis, Tenn., ceased

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their communities since the majority return to the unre-

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lionour. Even those who had been unsuccessful in the

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ness of the disease or of rum, and sixty or seventy grains of quinine

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will accomplish both ends, give them by all means the

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"The Purging Practice (in Remittent fevers). — At all

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Ha-mato-salpinx ; Law.son Tait's operation. Tr. Edinb.

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it must be treated promptly. The resisting powers of the patient are to

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the day time and every four or five hours at night. Fresh whole milk

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of pharmacy in its widest sense, but a home for all

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painful micturition. I found evidence of vaginitis and urethritis

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injection of nitrite of amyl hypodermically should be tried. The

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results ; beyond a straw-coloured or yellowish-red uniform surface there

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all but one of the 9 cases the diagnosis was not made. One

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