reason of dyspnoea, cough, and pain .Although Vogl.

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hepatitis, or prolonged dyspepsia, or intermittent or remittent

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with a convenient thickness of the absorbent liquid, the

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Pulsation was not observed, but in the first case it was

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Treatment by injection is justifiable in chronic cases,

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kidney. The calices and the pelvis are bathed in purulent caseous liquid,

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at one moment, we believed our patient gone. Again we re-

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a very common appearance. Further, the cortex may lose all its

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brane without ulceration. Liebermeister believes that it is sometimes

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through the rock to Catalan Bay where a sandy slope is to be

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Finally — do not cease from your labors till every good man in

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is placed in the proctologic or the exaggerated lithotomy position

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ment is apt to prove very irritating, and is by no means equal

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lant but unlike them is toxic and dangerous in large

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eighths of an inch on all sides ; this should be placed subperiosteally over

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nected with the lungs and the uterus ; that is, asthma and hysteria.

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In addition to the symptoms noticed in the former variety,

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used therapeutically is very small. (2) The drug, as soon as it is

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if we do not keep them out of the country — which is

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nnumerable epithelial cells which are constantly being

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upon the whole, he is disposed to attribute more of the good ef-

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\Ve shall be told that this principle is not, in every case,

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been dealing with one poison, present equally in ursemic human blood,

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sh^tly painful tumors in both groins, some reaching the

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required 8 hours to complete the dilation and the spontaneous

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a very long portion of gut being occasionally involved.

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with sudden and violent paroxysms of dyspnoea, resembling

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varies, sometimes taking on a deep rose-red color; at other times it stains

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and lobar pneumonia also occur as complications, and to recognize the latter

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the rule of Charles the Fifth, and as a result Amatus soon

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sometimes occur in this stage, chiefly in children. In general they are not

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should be admitted to the air passages by degrees, to avoid the

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applied to baths, is relative, since the effect of the temperature