logical standpoint, and utilized, when one is mindful of
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small portion of her existence, and may itself be attended with curious
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education of the students of the medical school. They
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sex than by men. To this the history of the English givea
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some departments ten per cent, of the recruits were syphilitic. There
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peritonitis, and even this has been questioned. The growth of the
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Profeesoi Practice of Medicine, Louisville Medical College, Louisville, Ky,
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liver oil. They urge that cod-liver oil cannot be ob-
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time to time, last in the spring of this year, and found
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History. — Canine distemper has always been regarded as a
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the proper authorities, recommend leave, medical surveys, discharge
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distinct, or even entirely absent, in round-chested and fat ones.
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him to make an early diagnosis. And the patient should early seek the
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These analogies may be of use in determining 2p, but sometimes a
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etc. It is estimated that fully 90% of curvature, not due to bone
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L. Hill — The Vascular System and Blood Pressure.
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editions in less than thirty years. It was "the best
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Kiver-washed wools, then, and skin-wools obtained by wet methods,
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and persists for a remarkable length of time. Their total counts
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some deeper-seated source of irritation, not perhaps readily discoverable,
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Dr. Jenner says, in effect, no symptoms are pathogno-
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eastward by another sewer connecting at the Botanical Gar-
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of this terrible evil, the Report suggested several remedies.
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patches between the coats of the latter, are well shown.
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therefore, faMy be considered one of immunity to the syphilitic
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the Clark County Medical Society, and an active member of the
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notable inconvenience. Vomiting did not occur in these cases. In cum
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after-condition in one of his cases. It showed, with characters of myxoedema,
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reptilia. The tendency toward an indistinctness in the separation of the
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lain together, but that, although she was willing to
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general view of the structure, and with a double nose-piece or lens-
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liagrange (F.) L'escrime et ses effets'sur la colonne
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great influence upon your college career. Five subjects will
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excessive effusions there remains an area in front below the clavicle, more
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■could not have brought the mean vision before discission
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heart is feeble, yet Krebs believes it not to be without dan-
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died, and twenty-four recovered. Looking at the mortality in those cases where