and tliat the femur was half surrounded by this. The doctor extracted the

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tbaluiologie, suivies de I'bistoire de I'ophtbalinie

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treated at all. The last patient was discharged from the hospital

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6. Let us proclaim that we will not tolerate slippage in

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the majority of cases. The patient should an assistant who is very much afraid of the

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normal in stationary cases, and high only in advancing or ad-

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always the mode of their operation. Impalpable poisons belong among

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serious involvement of the general health (emaciation, etc.) ; the diagnosis

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Relations of Tetanus to Various Nervous Diseases. 231

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4irams: Brotnideqf Iron, six grains: toater, six ounces. Mix and give a tahle-

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abscess in the left ; and that abscess in the right temporo-sphenoidal lobe

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the surgical infectious diseases, more particularly the

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of the biurate ; and that the mineral matter of meat diminishes the

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In cases complicated by cardiovascular or renal disease, as

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Experiment 3. — Broth of varjang hydrogen ion concentrations and containing

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d. Versaiiiiiil. deutsch. Naturf. u. Aerzte, Berl., 181^6, lix,

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the uterus, we w T ould not expect to find the latter enlarged in cases of ovarian

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is serious and may require earnest attention to save life.

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erstwhile president of the County Medical Association, and of

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was printed at the instance of an Accident Insurance Company, of

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sions, and to offer a suggestion for their prevention, as

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manner: The surface of large flat-sided flasks filled with

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at a most critical period of its growth, of the pro-

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which appears to lay the foundation of this disease,

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entered the bladder. Surgeons in general practice, who are not much in the

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called the dorsal lamince, between which is a shallow groove, known as

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an analysis of these 20 cases he concludes that the

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and ripened experience suflicient to entitle a physician in gen-

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differentiation can be easily made out (Fig. 2). Where scars about

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Derivation. — Oil of juniper, 8 ; oil of caraway, 1 ; oil of

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present, chalk mixture, cerium oxalate, lime-water, or other alkalis

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Somewhat later Gaub evidently conceived a difference

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the impairment of vision may depend on an intra-cranial morbid condition, tlie

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Complains of headache. Ophthalmoscopic examination shows