finally become small and sclerotic, and whether the contracted kidneys may have begun

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milliamperes lower than that necessary for the minimal contraction. It is never

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the jaw on the affected side were swollen ; the antrum of

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Reported recovered Aug. 30 ; M.O., f., aged 2 years,

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ity, and on this account it is much harder to deal with

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well's Island, alcoholic stimulants were given in only a few instances, and

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tions of the country which have cooperated with the

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chocele is, if possible, the removal of the patient from the

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pearance, was protruded, showing itself attached to the mucous mem-

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seemingly darkest moment in the history of medicine, there

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died several months ago. In view of this lamentable

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upwards to the first motor neurone in certain cases.

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of Mrs. Hartley and Mr. Pearce, who were the subjects of Commissions in

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fever, astiima, croup, whooping cough; also cures (?) j

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fluid, normal pressure being restored within a few hours. On the hy-

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seventy were desired should not condemn the form of this con-

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returned to the country, where she remained until the 25th of May

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Dr. Sangster — I am under the impression in this matter that we are bound to proceed

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of the upper portions of the digestive tract when from any cause stom-

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body, whose movements must of necessity be responded to by

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tion of the upper third of the femur on a railroad conductor, by the

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just before the formation of the areola. Under no circumstances

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held in permanent corrugation. (Fig. IV.) In this he

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force of the ciliary movement, it seemed important to determine the

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of goitre and of myxoedema, giving five- grain doses three

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Etiology. — Pyelitis may be due to the following : —

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In the case of the Queen v. Williams (South Wales Circuit, July 1863),

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of soda, twenty grains ; of common salt, eighty grains; ^

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such article, or the ingredients or substances contained therein which shall be

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the abnormal friction of endocardial surfaces upon each

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especially in the convoluted tubules, and usually in connection with a

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8 lb of copal, 2£ gallons of drying oil, and 25 gallons of oil of

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