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be on the high-road to recovery when suddenly there will occur a
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the patient," and asked : " What is the plague but a complication of
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covered the fibres of the crystalline lens and their distribution,
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valuable. Very judicious also are the remarks on pelvic mea-
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lerself. Consideration in this paper will be given only to the latter
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that belladonna enormously increases the pulse-rate in
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loyalty. Mrs Arnott had formed an attachment to her future
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the absence from tow.n of her ^ledical attendant, Mr. CornbiU,
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methods of treatment I have taught him and it is the same as if I
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etc., to describe conditions difficult to classify. If there
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McDowell, R. H., Belmont; Univ. of Md., 1929; U.N.C 1930 1931
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of courts of law. Therefore he would urge them to turn
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rectly to the bladder, then we should search carefully for any condition like
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close of the coming year. (One of them has already been provided for.)
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must confess, have caused me no little worry and seem to be hopeless
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In recent lesions of the labyrinth the patient tends to fall towards the
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sical signs of thoracic disease. Had been sitting in his shirt sleeves,
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development of our large town populations; and if "a fault
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fixed about the eighth dorsal vertebra. The surgeon under whose
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instance, can gain no light, and arc obliged, perforce, to learn the
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Cobbet, a nApril, 181^, I was called to visit Philip
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In the course of my investigations I paid especial attention to
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numerous peculiar indefinable clinical pictures arising from influenza and
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doubt that the Czar of Russia is seriously ill, though the
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f-nt, tends to make it symmetric, and corrects many irregu-
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1892) states that "... it [the metric system] is highly
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had followed the use of the same light source alone. Al-
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that city, at one of the hotels, a bell boy who was sent to