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nesses, which lasted five to six days, were so similar that the description of

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occupied with diseases or states of health for which I could find no special

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the Society held in 1813 and 26. In case of the erection of any new county, th»

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Ottawa ; Dr. Wardlaw, Gait ; Dr. Hall, Chatham ; Dr. McCrimmon,

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355. — C'liainbnril. Uu cas (riirytbrasma. Ann. ni6d.-

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joint, about one-half to one centimetre below the tip of the epitrochlea.

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met with was observed by him, and was attributed to attempts to

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tervals of half an inch with an awl ; several half-split

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them at such times. Again, in cases of resection of

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On the model from this impression the " atelle " is modelled in

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bacilli, we find again very intense and dangerous "anaphylactic" symp-

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treatment of this operation have hitherto been imperfect, and it

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beer bottle. In no case of tetanus that he had seen could this have possibly

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tion of sesquichlorate of iron (3j to 3 ss with § vj) has been recom-

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trunk, are convulsed, and the arm and leg execute powerful movements

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itself, would that offspring carry any potentials in

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medical- men sent to learn the technique of the latter.

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so violent that " he fell out of the bed quite stiff." He had

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peptogenic tonic dm'ing convalescence after influenza and acute

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viitQs revision. Especial attention has been bestowed on the accentuation, which will be found

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has used it, it has not been of signal value, but favorable

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Lorimer, from an examination of 250 cases, found the aver-

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exercise impossible, so that the patient was confined almost con-

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difficulty ill suturing, that is, that the parallel fibres of

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Betuming to New York, he was appointed principal of East

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Dr. Goldie has discussed in detail a much more com-

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in warm weather. This disease, not a very common one, was described

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personal physician can reasonably decide about the appropriateness

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friction with strong hot mustard water, but I soon became convinced

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For the purposes of this brief paper, I shall confine

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liver oil externally it seems to be a new remedy, ac-

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experiments upon himself, with various poisonous drugs,

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result of distension of parts of the gastric tubules with a clear mucoid secre-

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by the Secretary. He advocated intubation as preferable

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Walker : British Medical Journal, February 12, 1890.