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bolism than thrombosis, as simultaneous failure of both eyes at

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Its weight on July 5 was 138 pounds. By the middle of July it was

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essentially in some points. This depended on the pecu-

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patient had no sense whatever of the position of the

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gauge the volume of each pulse wave, whether it is large or small, and it is

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Vomiting and diarrhoea soon ensue. The abdomen is distended, and

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tudinal section through the specimen after it had been sub-

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Mr. Durham then drew attention to various Medical theories

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more common among the infant subjects of catarrhal fever. Here,

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ries, and fibrine is poured out around them, where it coagulates to

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cular infection. If it is for some condition independent of

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Harvard College in the class of 1843 and from the Harvard Med-

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simple process of nature ; therefore, his great experience does not apply strictly to

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after meals, which was only relieved by food. His father and

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disease ; but pus, as pus, is not absorbed ; and it is always

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in the dorsal position I began to palpate the abdomen. I was

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The purpose of that organization was not so much to do actual

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• minimizes incidence of fluid and electrolyte disturbance

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to my satisfaction, I returned the bowel to the ab-

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ent portion of the tube, the necessary consequence would be a diminution

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tion that they are capable of being detected, and even then it is difficult

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that of fatty degeneration than the normal color. The kidneys hare been preserved in the

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count. This experiment is graphically illustrated in Text-fig. 3.

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aritable, and itches greatly. The patient scratches it ; it

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use, or even wine. But the effects of these must be carefully

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The extreme thirst impels the patient to make strong efforts to drink.

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beth Jones, aged 74, widow of William Jones, a small

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the singers were at times interrupted by the crunching

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in all cases except : (1) In infants or very young chil-