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1. Demeulenaere, L : Action du R 1132 sur le transit gastro-intestinal, Acta Gastroent
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In all paralyses occurring in early youth, whether peripheral or cen-
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Cold: Its Effects TTpon the Eldkrlt. — ^Dr. J. Milner
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Examine the head, noting the condition of the fontanelles, and, if open,
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From the first to the fourth month diarrheal diseases steadily increase in de-
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altogether beyond our reach — nothing more could be done, and
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connecting itself exclusively with the chronic or subacute inflamma-
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Derasse, on examining the tumor, which was uniform with the uterus, noticed a
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in the suprarenal capsules. As the left subspinal fossa showed some signs of early
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efit from the application of the insurance principle. Yet
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apt to be accompanied by symptoms of fever in its subsequent course.
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fifty years of age ; his hair is not at all grey, and what is al-
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Tapping evacuated foul pus and air, and laijarotomy re-
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To the same iatrochemical school is generally assigned
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portion of the cavity may cause fracture of the thinner,
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and the kidney has then atrophied. In other cases, however, genuine
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Summary of the Transactions of the College of Physicians of
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cheerfully borne by the profession of our city, whom,
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as a necessary consequence, its vitality is destroyed; it sloughs,
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I have seen cases of double quotidian, which, T am certain,
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But after long delay, and in our utmost need, salivation
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third cases, which were tapped, recovered, while the
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surprised to see how very nicely patients get along,
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Delivered before the Medical Society of the State of New York, By Frank
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which writers upon optics have taught us to believe.
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quack. It is noteworthy that intelligent lay journals
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Martius' cardiographic experiments proved that the heart-beat occurs
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extraction of the child. Tne fundus having the thickest por-
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active part in the work of translating Greek medical
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or some of their families are sick with measles, pneu-