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Beef Court of Inquiry, appointed to investigate General Miles' charges

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At Guy's Hospital this practice was often adopted by the late Mr Stocker,

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surgical. An exploratory operation should be done in the

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monograph on " Suspension in the Treatment of Spinal

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and he had authority to order them what was necessary.

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dressings and implements for drainage. Of the former,

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Shekleton was a Licentiate in Medicine of the University of

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tongue become blue-red, the eyes weep, a watery mucus is discharged

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(Wunderlich) ; but they sometimes occur, and afford a proof for the

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complex case of the "Seven Sleepers of Ephesus," who,

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1 The same colorimeter can be used for hemoglobin estimations, as well as the

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its contour. Two cases of wandering spleen have been operated on at

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There was very little fever early, and some of this may have been due

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