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Edwards, B. 0., Asheville (Hon.); N. C. Med. Coll., 1905 1905 1909
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carefully wash out the viscus by repeated small injections of warm water, and
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muscular atrophy. Each muscle wastes very gradually, and the separate
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scars from small ulcers, together with (3) actual abscesses and ulcers in
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A Strange Antipyrine Eruption. — In the Lyon medical
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examination presented the usual appearance, except that, I find in my notes,
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thinks M. Yerneuil, that the laceration of the common carotid was produced at
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ceeding chapters. The subject of wounds is very fully considered
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results followed. He therefore naturally concludes that acetanilid
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tonsils have already been studied, and in this volume the work
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flattering compliments and reflected great credit on our schools. The
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maintain its vigour and flesh on 5 lbs. of oats per day.
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Where an aneurism is bulging through the skin, elastic