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the signs, diminished intensity of both sounds, but more especially the

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of this invasion are the following morbid changes (which vary much in

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orifice of the corresponding ureter, evidence of irritation as

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of the infection contracted in the summer and autumn, and these

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it off and let it lie loose in the cavity. Now comes in

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{Edinb. Med. Journal). The monster was still-born. It

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incised wounds by keeping them open with forcible and painful appiica*

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an aneurism should have existed so long, the tumor having been sus-

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on " The Preventive and Curative Treatment of Pulmonary

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The celebrated French traveller Volney,* presents the following sketch

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of staff at St. John’s Hospital, it was announced in

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that class of publications of which the Old Fogies have, or affect to

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strikes me, from the fact that he worked in a distillery, that

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facts and arguments upon wliicli is based the doctrine of a

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Often happened, that from the hinder and foreshoes being

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If the pigs have been properly managed for the month after they

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undergoing fatty degeneration. X. multiplex, on the other hand, is,

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^'3. Sulphate of zinc and common salt, dissolved together in water in

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cumstances.— Lvsk : British Medical Journal, October 2, 1886, p. 626.

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14. Medical Department of the Free Public Library, Decatur,

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comparatively late step of the disease, I take to be

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Bowel complaints, chiefly alvine fluxes and cholera, cause the principal amount

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therefore at all stages of progress confronted by the

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culin should be given. A. E. Davis, of New York, feels that

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it probable that the diplococci do not long remain viable in the

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to-day the whole of medicine clouded over with such a vast

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