produced, the argument that the deceased had not died by strangulation falls to
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Harry Alvin Oberhelman, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery.
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fragility is present today in all the links of our health care
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normally contains only one kind of granule. Exceptions to this rule
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in Man. By J. Bell Pettigrew, M.D., «&;c. London: Macmillan &
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cyanosis which is produced in rabbits by fatal doses
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him to make an early diagnosis. And the patient should early seek the
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to Zuniga, the wholly reliable annalist of Seville, Columbus
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on the forehead. There was at the time a flat tumor extending nearly
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directly contrary method of treatment. To this method, if it
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a very common appearance. Further, the cortex may lose all its
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Furthermore, albuminous urine of excessive acidity, from its
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He did not believe that there was any proof that the round
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the lesser stomach curve to the transverse fissure of the liver. Its left
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peated at a temperature of 65°, without the addition of preserva-
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Confer, internat. serv. san. il. chemius defer [etc.]. C. r.,
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recorded by Dr Bastian. The inability to write was of an " amnesic " type,
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witt, Glenwood, Iowa; M. J. Duncan, Pleasantville, Iowa; J. C. Davies,
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lioD of a bandage, are often useful where paiu and cough are
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microbes, cocci, bacilli, etc., and while we now appreciate
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grain of vital force. He takes that little grain of
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mediciation to achieve the goal of pain relief justify
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must confess, have caused me no little worry and seem to be hopeless