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and that of Tate on hysteria, appeared, these authors referring the phenomena
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the red cells reached to over 8 million, on another to over million,
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a circumscribed pneumothorax may be demonstrated. They are at first
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stated by Dr. Hutchison. I am in the habit of assuming, when
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tend lint" lie analyzed diets known to have antiscorbutic properties and
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The five last names in this list are all to be found in the Act of In-
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operation, more than lias been described, will be of no avail."
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question of enucleation of the eye comes up. I know some of you
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tions favored its development, but also here and there
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bone, erosion of the cartilages, and calcification of the liga-
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and hemorrhage into retina. All the symptoms gradually dis-
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hereditary neurotic tendency influences the tj-pe and course of the
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portion of the unyielding walls of the cranium in some animals, by means
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cut short, 313 ; value of bleeding in, 317 ; effects
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county societies in securing necessarv' quarters throughout the state.
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verbatim from the liorthweitem Lancet, which has since made
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clude that. In addition to that, we ought to consider the tend-
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my own knowledge. A factory-girl fell into a river while walking along e
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one year and a half old, admitted with severe rickets and a fracture of the
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leg muscles. It is not complicated; there is no difficulty
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university in fact, if not in name — retrograded steadily,
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ueuaOy two or three small hepato-cystic ducts entering the
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ity. For the present, however, we shall doubtless be
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the region of the posterior nares, some of them very
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for iridectomy. (See Eeitisii Mudical Journal, vol.
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about the same as before the operation. He replied with difficulty, the respiration was
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