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cicatrices are also of diagnostic value. Scars resulting from
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This oil poBieflBKB not only the nouiisfaing propertioa of i od Uver OH. b
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flushing of the cheeks are among the symptoms that attract attention.
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the body of the uterus and of the long axis of the fectus. It
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with the remaining cases on my list, which are types of other
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limated gauze, adhesive plaster, pins and aromatic ammonia.
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about the milk until the animal became constitutionally affected.
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tendons of the hind legs. Another important muscle passes down
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people. The Committee have received a report only from
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indicates only the abruptness, with which the contracting ven-
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Everard Home gave the designation of " the third lobe
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less mass of inert fat." A patient who eats and digests well is a patient
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weeks iu an adult. Much less than that, for a broken
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five times at intervals of two or three days. He finds this
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the bed.side of a man smitten with disease, trembling, per-
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tent forms. The setiology of this state of things is to be found in the
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and conversations which we have had during my stay here. I desire further
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sidious and inveterate muscular protection of long duration
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with false membrane, with rapidly developing enlargement of
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of examining the urine are next taken up, and the appa-
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diately preceding and following the birth of Christ saw medicine flourish
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lectures already referred to (which have fallen under my notice since the
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have not as yet learned much concerning the former.
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mopl^uio exterue. Arch, lueil, liolges. Brux., 1890. 3. s.,
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poses a large portion arranged by its numerous se[}ta, into a cel-
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of involvanent. Since these glands act rather in unison, maintain-
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of money at the disposal of the Health Board, enabling them to
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exhibit the paravertebral triangle of dulness upon the sound side as a result of partial
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I saw her eighteen months after the pain set in, and found
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ready in position for suture in the usual way. Two, three, or occasionally
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trary, he appears to us to be a man of respectable intellectual
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I had taken the medicine, I found it was laudanum. I cannot de-
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HfLadies and Gentlemen wishing to have any kind of Printing done, cannot
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"Cholera has been classed amongst zymotic diseases; but its
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door, as it gathers itself together, takes on itself the form
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are formed between tlie dura mater and the arachnoid. There may be con-
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high operation, says: "It is now very generally be-