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McLean index of urea excretion : Feb. 5, 1917, 29.5 per cent. ; Feb. 18, 1917.

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impracticable to spend more than eight hours out-of-doors. Senseless

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cases the timely administration of medicine internally may over-

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tion, had suffered for a year with lumbago, during the greater

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out one pin about 1 o'clock in the afternoon. At 3, the

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are not so incessant; then extending the intervals according to the

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tism (because he has complained of various pains), or from neuropathy,

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relation between the prcssnTe in the two cavities, with the

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The time relations of the pains is quite constant, only one

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general sessions shall be conducted entirely from the

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cases the excitation wave may spread over the auricle, but may

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at once as advised by Levinstein. My patient being willing, the

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1. In this test the absence of digestion of the coagulated blood-serum excludes

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maintenance per capita was 98 cents. During the ^eSfl^

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besides, my book was unfortunately becoming far too large

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conditions under which they occur make the only differ-

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and 80 per cent, of cracked ice, the latter mixture, according to

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some subjects there may be developed rheumatic arthri-

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in the loins, with pain and difficulty in making water, which

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per unit of dry matter fed. With cotton-seed oil there seemed to be a

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degeneration of the nerves. It was a parenchymatous neuritis

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on gunshot wounds, written by Dr. Appia, together with some additions made

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lent and progressive tuberculosis, have been grouped together, and in another

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breast which she had had for eighteen months. She attributed

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quantity at the root of the vessel, which was thereby rendered rough.

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frequently cut short an attack of biliary colic, but had

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peritoneal cavity, felt a hole in the fundus of the uterus, through which

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uncertain world, permit me to make a few remarks at parting with you, and

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lose their clay or white colour and regain their normal appearance, and are