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The general effect of mineral dust breathed for a long period of time
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There is nearly always some splenic enlargement, and in many cases the
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the gradual advance of a marasmus, for which no other cause can be
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preserve what little profit he is making, yet at the same time protect
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coxarius. I have known such cases in which a perforation of
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typhoid fever at Newport, R. I., is subsiding, few new
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large fist. The blighted ovum was barely visible in the
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of Mrs. Hartley and Mr. Pearce, who were the subjects of Commissions in
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dip them in for a few minutes ; — thick organs, however, are put in when the
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Suffice it to say that the disease appears to be indigenous in India, and
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are especially found in the intraventricular wall and
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administration of gradually increased doses. The selection of
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Such, gentlemen, are the objects you seek in coming here ; and in
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an attack of hysterical/^/// iiial with delirium and uncon-
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a means of relieving local congestion, or else acting in-
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alone makes the report of an additional case warrantable.
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and to the Presbyterian Orphanage; Physician to the
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the country, in every town, village and hamlet — a raging pestilence,
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distinction between what is sometimes spoken of as moral
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middle ear, or tympanum ; and the labyrinth. The tympanum is separated
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some lucrative practice in that section during my whole stay in
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ment of the uncinate gyrus can reasonably be invoked, 1 ain not in a
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as the fibres are more numerous. It is observable that
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nerves. 8. Sudden contraction of the arterioles supply-
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Discussions and pretensions only lessen his chances and make
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amyli, lO'O ; talci, 87'0. Lotions of permanganate of potass are often
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membrane. The buccal changes are probably dependent upon a periph-
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fixed by palpation of the kidney through the wall of the belly or from the rectum.
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to collapse, have been related as a result of this guaiacol treatment. It is
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good, yet her vitality and strength are being rapidly
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wounds and injuries, as accidental, self-inflicted, homicidal, etc.;
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to induce severe eczema in consequence of uncontrollable scratching.
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this indicates disease of the roots or of the cauda equina.