position in bed, is able to cause rupture of the muscle in these cases.
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yellow fever patients during the first three days of the fever. All the
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Diagnosis. — ^When the lesion is in the brain the paralysis
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18. Los Angeles County Department of Health Services: Meningococcal dis-
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incision was made in front of the thigh, about three
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Notice to members of proposed constitutional amendment
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"ostium abdominale," constituting a tubal abortion ; and
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{e) The circulatory system presents no characteristic sjTnptoms. The
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circular method is the best. In some cases one can obtain a long anterior
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May 9th. Slept better last night than any night since
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scalp and face; incrustations on the face; extreme susceptibility to take
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tomary precautions being usually found amply suffi-
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on the ninth day; whilst those who had other treatment
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one of the curtains is considerably larger than the
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maxillary sinus, (j) nasal cavity, (k) alveolar process and tooth-bearing areas, (I) maxillary tuberosity, and (m)
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ing the first symptom to become manifest is frontal
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formed in all but 7, and in 4 of these the excision of a piece of muscle was
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rubbed gently over the granular surface, answers best.
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•occurred . recently in his practice. They present features of
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while he is lying down ; in one instance, tickling the skin of the soles
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imply that they are so. Endocarditis and pericarditis ai'e com-
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16. American Bar Association. Responding to the Problem of Drug
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These threads of anthrax bacilli stain best with Loffler's blue. They grow
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vents for uric acid, and great difference of opinion exists among
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after tracheal death rkle had set in, 100 ounces qf saline-alcoholic
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the rectum, I found a small opening immediately above the internal
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of the brain could be seen. These lesions were much improved by mixed treatment.
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Society of Medicine a sort of meeting ground for the research and study of
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possibly into animals. To demonstrate the latter pro-
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sacral promontory — the mesocolon was seen to have a large
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he would have known of them, as there was no reticence in the matter of com-
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mater in the sulci of the parietal and temporal lobes. There was