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nares caused by the dilute tincture is trifling in severity, and of short dura-

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French confreres, they seem content with pressure, immobilization, and

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placed in the dorsal position and retaining the in-

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to state that we do not consider it an "antiperiodic" or atonic

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influence on the nervous system of females than on that of males, and

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from confinement. One of its earliest symptoms was the rest-

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115 cases treated this way with no deaths and ten pregnancies. Second-

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most crucial issue to face Organized Medicine in Alabama

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The stomach was washed out, and small injections of strychnine

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A practice of medicine by practitioners for practitioners arranged

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assistant was trained in line with these activities.

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the excretion of urea and other effete materials is prevented. Usually,

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If you have a good, live Secretary, you are likely to have a live

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peared, I mentioned to Dr. Wilhite that the author had given

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the existence of calculus as determined by surgical exploration, the symp-

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bromide of manganese and iodide of sordium, dissolved in a muriated

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described a type of septicemia characterized by hemorrhage into the

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rind the way stopped. What is to be done ? the impulse of

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thickened, and Virchow states that this thickening is of an " in-

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dead letter, at least we should demand that the people

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the acme of its propulsive effect, is immediately followed by a

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valerianate of qiiina maybe prepared by a similar process, substituting

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Some time since, we quoted from Dr. Sawyer, of Maine,

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other glands because its blood supply is proportionately larger,

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it has to be constantly borne in mind that straining at stool is a form of

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Hospital .since opening, 137; new eases admitted on the 22nd, 2;

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alveoli were filled with embryonal cells and desquamated

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Volvulus is comparatively rare in children. When it occurs,

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state superintendent simply witnesses to the possession of some

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produced during the last two or three years prove that its

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The general epidemic of trench fever on so many fronts in Europe in 1916

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sion of urine, in cholera. The presence or absence at the time of

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distended, they became completely emaciated ; were intensely cold;

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without getting it upon the parts of the respirator

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books, and sanitary propagandism, it is rather startling to

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in the inter-arytenoid fold, the question of tuberculosis may

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ba! morals, gabrielle dressess, and whatever else goes to the making-

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