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in the knee-joint, though it is not mentioned in surgical writings.

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prevent the operation. The procedure consists in incising the

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ment. The section of the conjunctiva commenced on the

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M. Times, 1883-4, xiv, 93U-933.— Bletli (G. M.) Medici-

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Culture in Children, and the Objects to be Attained."

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minutes from the railway station and on the opposite side of the valley

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nearly similar, except in color, for one was black and the other white.

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ment, the mind was quite clear and coherent until shortly before death.

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fever. I'ul). Health Kep., Wash., 1898, xiii, 1265-1273.—

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but can not give us the proper temperature of an animal .

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whence comes the internal cause determining this disease ? It is reason-

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which gave good results in the poisoning of squirrels. The first of

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grains ; sulphate of quinine, eighteen grains, to be taken in three doses. The patient

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sentation but also position ought to be made out. The finger is

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all the essentials necessary for laboratory analysis. It

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Danger in treating with manipulation lesions as in Pott's disease.

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often distinctly intermittent. Typhoid fever is a rare complication. The

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tion. Had these occurred in the first case, the fever would, doubtless,

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they sometimes made their way through the hand or arm

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■will be accomi)anied or followed by localised paralysis.

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unnecessary but are liable to cause large ecchymoses

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suffering, or from both. She acknowledged that she had been under