strict temperance in all things; but towards the latter, the. means are
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Operations at University College Hospital, 2 p.m.; St. Mary*9i IJ P-m.;
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sufficient quantity of food. The same holds good of country air, spa
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The dog is nauseated, and rejected some half-digested meat. 3.55. —
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S. Eastman, M.D.— Died at Riverside, Cal., Jan. 8, ast. 53. Professor
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comparison with the course of influenza in the elementary school
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The Congress on Dermatology and Syphilography will be held in Paris
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der Paragraph 8 were to obtain ; that all contracts be
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the use of radium is undoubtedly of value in preventing the rapid
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naturalist, whose merits have been too much overlooked
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1 Prausnitz : Influence des Egouts de Munich sur l'lsar. Munich,
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Someone said, “Disease is from old ; nothing about it changes. It is we who
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that things so apparent to sight and touch, should so long have
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places of the * irreconcilables ' with men equally good for
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dnations so excruciating that the patient is afraid to move, and can obtain
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the sugar is derived ah intra, and that the system in the diabetic is,
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fited thereby. The Devil is a charlatan. Therefore, if
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it a lodging at Whitehall and a pension or annual payment of i.'400 a
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cells." Possibly they also are cells with an invisible cytoplasm. The
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erpool, with 400 cattle on board, which encountered a storm and
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“Creative Approaches to Environmental Stresses”
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and leave the plugs in until they become loose of them-
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the endothelial cells is converted to xanthine oxidase.
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affected with it recovered — a discharge of pus from the umbilicus having in
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who had diphtheria or broncho-pneumonia, thrive under it,
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now reside has never been visited by it until witliin the last Uvo
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of these poisons increase witliin the body, and hence the diseases to which
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twenty-six hours after the sudden onset of the first symptoms.
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various operations, and then administering strychnin, caffein, adrenalii^
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to this case are known. It is probable that the teeth should be classified as Hutchinson's teeth.
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many cases the nutrient cells of the upper segment, that is the cortical
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muscles after the separation of the cord from the bulb were