of shortening after the patient has recovered. The majority of pat-ents,

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injections of old tuberculin. The temperature rose, the effusion increased,

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maintenance per capita was 98 cents. During the ^eSfl^

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the effusion may extend over the base of the brain, along the fissures of

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Prof. Thorn IS recalled my attention to this case, Init

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rapport sur un travail de M. Robei-t. Bull, et nieni. Soc.

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But after a week or more there are evidences of vision

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at large. We can not enter into any eorrespondmce concerning our

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pyloric cancer, with narrow stenosis. The tumor was

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result of the intubation, it was not the operation that was at fault but the

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cases of enlarged prostate, operated on with the Battini

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tion of the rice-eating inhabitants of India. The excretion of

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version of the Qdmin of Avicenna were misunderstood

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not only an eflfectual, and easily manageable, but a much less formidable,

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highest expression in White's essay of 1895,' enthusi-

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from the gallery. The rooms presented a brilliant appearance,

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to segregate the classes and to keep a strict watch for suspicious

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mosquito the ventral diverticulum is small, but soon becomes ex-

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in all persons; there are mild forms of cholera, and

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num was a rough systolic murmer, which was heard with decreas-

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preparation " chlorodyne," for the cure of diarrhoea and

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cial opening, no mention is made of the easy, safe, and surgical

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surprised that any pathologist of the present day should maintain

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part, the other from the back part, to show how much of this sub-

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An accurate determination of the effects of modern warfare upon

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room, the skin perspiring and its vessels relaxed. The surface thus

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reference committee is in support of the principle of

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ance even though no scarlatina be produced. The late Solly made

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according to the amount of infection, and according to whether a large

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chester people may get trading profits from the Portuguese, is

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1897, X, 164. [Discussion], 195.— Parvin (T.) Removal

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although I removed all the glands and cellular tissue in the axilla, leaving the

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Kimberley, some of the local physicians were similarly

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of treating disease by means of systematic manipulation. The indi-

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