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excessive effusions there remains an area in front below the clavicle, more

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the hospital early in June for further examination.

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tion will stay the mental delusions temporarily then later another

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and Dr. Osier, under whose care she is, inclines to

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suffered very seriously, in consequence of the line of action pursued by several

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Nevertheless there are some symptoms which, being common in

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an account of the case, back as far as twenty-eight years ago, when

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much as we see in a low case of erysipelas. Exophthalmus had oc-

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go off to other Bodies ; but he was not afraid of that. Good

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five to forty-five dollars per month for primary and inter-

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bases (defective resonance or dulness, bronchovesicular breathing, with moist

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their determination to fight against loyal men. Some of the stories

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very resolute fight, and, in the main, come off successful.

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in which, with his present experience, he should not think excision to be the

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histories of the various species, as far as they are known, have

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advisable to administer a dose of the remedy selected daily, the first thing

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tion of spt. eth. nit. and tiuct. belladon. in moderate doses, which, upon a

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by drawing through the flame of a Bunsen burner and are then

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2 Walsh in Third Annual Report of the Henry Phipps Institute, 1905-1906, p. 357.

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manhood and on through life, an entirely different re

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when, perforce, classified under other head- their passive agency which operates

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conditions which it is their purpose to disclose. The amount

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of tissues enfeebled from the moment of their organization by the

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increase in spite of the efforts of the Health Department. In

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Second. Did the scrofulous, cheesy abscess of the testicle

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Four successful cases of removal of the stomach are mentioned, but how

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Peyer's patches were not diseased. The head was not examined.

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is the second. That is the inflammatory reaction. Rest

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Solid Orbital Tumours. — Of tumours which can be considered under this

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and bones; not limited to special nerves in some cases,

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I have told the patient that, if she chooses to undergo

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duced by purely local conditions, which are of the most

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Any physician may be called upon in a similar case to

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the fractured ends were then incised to establish inflammatory

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ages were used. If the patient is restless or asleep, or if

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pressure, and more continued pressure was borne, with water at 100^ F. than at 120^

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The law which governs mortality is Tint tli- ^-uri ■• r^- tint vhich governs

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Congenital Variety, by the Skin, by R. L. Pitt- infection 128

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