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even an erection ; had no nocturnal emissions, but every
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wet. Properly clothed, the patient, if he be strong enough to go out of
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Dr. Prout. He says that the specific gravity of diabetic urine
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that clergymen will allow their names to be used for such objectionable
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1. Cases in which the arch only sinks on bearing weight.
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woman in the city to hold any public office. The medical men of Peoria,
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lower classes, who are beginning, in this respect, to forget
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" 3. It facilitates the escape of the cataract, expulsion of the cortical masses,
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was born iu Sturbridge and died in Brimfield ; another
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of the patient nine months from the date of the operation shows
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Reflexes. The reflexes of the extremities, as a rule, are exaggerated.
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It is difficult to say how far the hepatic congestion in these cases is
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or fifth day, when the heart was on the eve of being overpow-
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a successful outcome were worked over. The length of time the
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Rumford's Photometer. — This consists of a ground-
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be said that there is no evidence of infection other than by the bite
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suggested by Dr. Bassi is that the nervous disturbance in-
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as in the more slowly changing parts of the body, and it is
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urn oilier s.-i i u r<i:i> . Price 08.00 a > far, postage
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But colic, like inflammation of the bowels, sometimes arises
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maternal tendency becomes excessive, it necessarily pro-
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sick, or well, will produce the most deadly forms of typhoid and ship-fever in a few
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(Krause^). Irimescu^ prepared a " paratuberculin" from acid-proof
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veloped in the left lower back ; four days later in the
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three years of carrying out the Medical Act. I cannot sit
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such role models are more likely to be encountered in high-
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dren were clulvfooted, the fourth was not ; Vannier
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tion of brachialis anticus ; radius above bicipital tu-
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Ireland, and papers are promised by Dr. Lyon, Dr. Mapother,
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only visible evidence of aural disorder. Nothing pathologically
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sometimes greatly distended. The condition is much more common in
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tible. 3. Henschen has called attention to a dilatation of the heart occurring
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