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tum. On calling the next morning, much to my surprise,
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ticularly if the bacillus has been demonstrated in the expect-
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. Dull headache, more in the occiput and towards the left
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speedily, that there was seldom occasion to renew the dose, and the dis-
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accepted, the medical adviser, who is in nearly all
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Oriental sore is an ulcerating- skin granuloma caused by a protozoon,
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1 omi)loyed the muriate of cocaine, two per cent, solu-
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they shall walk every one in his path and when they fall upon
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Ueber die dritte Modifikation meiner Lues-reaktion. Ibid. No. 33 p. 932, 1919.
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and cancellated structure of the short and irregular bones ; and
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Mr. Durham then drew attention to various Medical theories
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one year and a half old, admitted with severe rickets and a fracture of the
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^Mes, doubts whether such examples (to which the name ^^ temporary
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vlalcs of Uiseaso, w liioh liavo boon well illustrated by observation, arc
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ed, that his father scarcely knew him. When he re-entered
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It seems to me that the above observations, which I have taken in
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ment, which, he states, hardly ever requires modifica-
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to remove the mass, either whole or in fragments, by an opera-
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are distributed according to their usual occupation while employed. Though housewives make up 52.1 per cent of the female decedents from alco-
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of nearly 4000 lives, besides the serious injuries which have unfitted
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figures, I think the evidence is suflicient to suggest that this complaint
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writing. With his natural ability, wide reading and long
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an occlusion of the infarct-related coronary artery, de-
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cedure in modem surgery. With reference to diagnosis in chronic as
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months. The second hundred were performed in 2 years and 7 months,
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All depressing remedies are contra-indicated, and the object
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operate, that in the synostosis of a suture the development of the
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tion. The thickening here also is due to formation of new fibrous tissue and
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■ IT seems desirable that physicians in practice hold office in their
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local lesion, but catarrhal disturbances are almost the rule. They may
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case. I resorted to it merely on account of the patient's and
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granules, and imperfect nuclei, which soften and cause ulceration, with