as well. Dr. Sayre had many cases where the patients could walk
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ascertain the true nature of the case, and justify you in refusing sanction to
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one; Jannary i3th, one; 23d, received two seamen from theT
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tendency to admit the identity of Surra and Nagana, there can be no doubt,
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floating population but much interest has been awakened by the annual
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gressive dementia, but, after the acute symptoms passed
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nancy need never modify the indication to operate. It is a complication of the
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1. The Liihic Calculus, which is the most prevalent, and
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in which a |)erson lives who is deprived of half his
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The sperAJic gravity, with the quantity passed in the twenty-
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culating lymphocytes to one-fifteenth of their original number failed
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cium may be withdrawn to a large extent to neutralize acids in acidosis,
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musical persona; it is hard to imagine that those inces-
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alcohol to four of water; one teaspoonful of this solution every half hour,
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stance as would form a mass the size of a small pea. 3. A similar corpus
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(b) I am aware that lesions have been found in the spinal cord in cases
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do: and if in spite of this assistance there is no progress, and
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Lincoln ; Edward Isaac Sparks, B.A., Corpus Christi ; and Henry Suther-
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■which I have heard anything, the result of them will be that
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M. Sig. — One tejispoonful in water between meals.
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Check No. 122 issued to transfer fund to saving account $1,500.00
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J, Spence" records a fatal case of spontaneous gangrene of the lower
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recommend, some home where an Inebriate could be kept for a few
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be a complete absence of any pain or any other symptoms, except those
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them in well floured cloths, and let them boil an hour.
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toms just detailed — gradual encroachment on the lumen of diseased
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logy of the Disease, and its Relation to Human Dis-
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and pathological reports, opinions of specialists, etc If the record-
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masseur, or even by forcible flexion and stretching of ad-
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severe than in the acute ; pain is usually present at the beginning of
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by avoiding a strong light, fomenting with warm water, etc.
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Celebes, and Amboina (in the Molucca Islands), while the Philippines
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during this period that renal and hepatic failure, set
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to tuberculin, so few authenticated necropsies have been adduced to
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connected with reproduction and every primitive religion.
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tissue elements, and that in certain conditions the interstitial