incised wounds by keeping them open with forcible and painful appiica*

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one — specially named from this bird " Geirfugla Sker" —

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analogy favors the probable location of active (emoto-motor) or

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present in greater abundance in ox-gall than the latter, and is the cheaper

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quired to submit to examination. Every person who, as the

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meninges have become inflamed. In the cases, however, which have terminated

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could well afford to enlarge his book in order to make some of his directions

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some additional pages. The index covers thirty-eight in-

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For the purposes of this brief paper, I shall confine

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wherever necessary. It has now been issued regularly for nearly FIFTY years, during

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tabulated the ages at death in seventy-four of his patients as follows :

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Par., 1890-91, ill, 10.5-117, 1 pi.- While (J. C.l Multiple

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Total, 213. The Professors have determined to give full courses, in their

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completely and permanently restored. Where this happens, it may be

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pital, was in the habit of using his shoulders in pressing up heavy weights, and after strain-

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larynx. That of diphtheria rarely extends, in any case, below the larynx ;

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Jiat. Clin., Phila., 1894, 3. s., iv, 1-14.— Dulln (E. A.)

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extreme cachexia. There is usuall}' some cough, either suppressed

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on geology. In 1728 Woodward died. Soon after this event there

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oral cavity has been involved in some cases. Maitland's ex-

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period of incubation. It is evident that not every per-

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appendectomies consisting of seven cases, four of which

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ing the Dean, Dr. F. W. Campbell on his right and Mr.

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to the prominence of the cheek thus forced forAvards. In the case

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forty-eight hours. This is the compensation for the incon-

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M. Riedel has combined corrosive sublimate with the

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hastily at conclusions lest organic and local disease

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Board and Medical attendance at the Infirmary on rea-

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a boy fourteen or fifteen years of age, died after having had

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themselves warranted in drinking (besides spirits; two or three

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their patients have entirely normal perinea. This mis-

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those who improperly assumed the title of veterinary

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the accident; death ensued in eight or ten hours. The third patient